Haseland Magnetschallplatten
: Haseland 004 Doppel Gänger - Cornstarch EP
: Release date: 01.03.2010
electronic release

Cornstarch (Original Mix)
Cornstarch (Lars Wickinger Mix)
Cornstarch (Mr. Boogie Mix)
Cornstarch (Fedupfactions Mix)

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Doppel G änger is an italian duo based in Valdarno, near Florence. Their long time friendship and old-dated passion for electronic music made them start the project in 2008. Always seeking for new approaches, their formula is based on exploring the »grey area« in dance music, looking back at when styles were not so separated from each other. Great attention is given also to the narrative side of music, without forgetting the good old rule: »Less is more.«

At Haseland their track »Cornstarch« introduces the new digital only release line. These releases feature one track and a bunch of remixes in a wide variety of styles. Lars Wickinger starts off by picking up the hard and dense energy level of his »Black is Back« (HAL 003) release. Do you call this techno or elektro?

Berlin dubstep guru Mr. Boogie carries out a straight and scarcely decorated version with lots of bass. The english dancestyle ambassadors Fedupfaction from Osnabrueck add a large amount of diversity in the second dubstep remix.