Haseland Magnetschallplatten
: Haseland 005 goldfish + der dulz - Plants
: March 2010
12" ep and electronic release

a/Labelside Brushes
b1/Textside Plants
b2 Nylon

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Since eight years goldfisch + der dulz are a steady and reliable supplier for straight basedrum danceware. They release on Playhouse, Boxer Sport, Moon Harbour, Dessous Recordings and others and recently on their owm »Hi Freaks!« label, too. On »Hi Freaks!« they present their own live recordings and tracks by Axel Bartsch, Piemont and White Trash aka Larsson. Even DJ legend John Peel used to play their tracks. Their EP »Freaks in the Presence of Beauty« was a 2009 hit and lead the Decks online shop charts for weeks.

goldfisch + der dulz productions appeal through subtle melodies, happy mooded grooves, sparse design and a strong sense of humour. Maurice started working with minimal grooves at a time when technonation germany was raving with white gloves and whistles at 140 bpm in abondonned factory buildings. Jörg is a multiinstrumentalist, suppling samples and production skills.

The EP Plants on Haseland shows the dark side of the happy minimalist duo, moving the hips and disturbing the soul. Brushes introduces suspense with Hitchcock-like strings. Excellent bass works keeps the floor shaking balance. Uproar on the dancefloor. At Plants things get warm and dark. A pounding mild basedrum gi- ves a »who forgot to loosen the handbrake?« appeal. A check at the low frequency control shows »this place is crowded!« and the deepness of the track hits you. Nylon is most typical goldfisch + der dulz. Hopping rhythm, rolling basedrum, sample cuts just before recognition. Straight track language for a busy dancefloor.