Haseland Magnetschallplatten
: Haseland 006 AUDIO:PUNX - Jackson EP
: Apr 28, 2011
electronic release

1. Audio:Punx - Jackson Go to track Audio:Punx - In Vein (Original)
2. Audio:Punx - In Vein (Original)
3. Audio:Punx - Reziprok (Original)
4. Audio:Punx - Jackson (Goldfish + der Dulz Remix)
5. Audio:Punx - Reziprok (Lars Funk Remix)
6. Audio:Punx - Reziprok (Schubotter Remix)

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The new kids in the rock are called AUDIO:PUNX. With their e.p. "Jackson" they carry on a – can we say – tradition of peaktime tracks from haseland.

Title track "Jackson" kicks in heavily on top of a dark atmosphere that shows up and hides as it likes. It brings the sound of concrete and dark grey colours, a soundtrack for a bunker rave as Format B could have created it. With percussive elements aside, "Jackson" morves several times from climax to climax. It feels like a dancing shooter in basements filled with bass, where plaster ans condensed sweat drop from the ceiling together.

"In Vein" takes its time to blossom. It spreads its robe of the dark dance power with easy composure.

With "Reziprok" AUDIO:PUNX show their love for the afterhour: love and melancolie shall never end!

Three remixes from the haseland family welcome AUDIO:PUNX inside the haseland burrow. labelmate Schubotter turns "Reziprok" into an even deeper afterhour track, GOLDFISH & der DULZ use cutup techniques to turn "Jackson" into a bewildering housy sample collage. LARS FUNK remembers the thing called shuffle and uses it to throw "Jackson" into a house party. SCHUBOTTERs remix is available as a free giveaway on the haseland website.


In 1995 Doc Ollinger (Oliver Brandt) and RakaRafi (Rafael Durzcynski) began producing Technobeats with an eclectic mix of all sorts of electronic styles on top. After a long break they come back now as producers, playing new euphoric dancefloor tracks live again since 2004. Pushy beats, catchy basslines and emotionally loaded atmospheres are their trademark for which they gained a lot of respect in the northern german partyscene. Now is the chance to experience AUDIO:PUNX on a couple of releases, one of them here on haseland