Haseland Magnetschallplatten
: Haseland 007  COSS - Bliss / Gone EP inkl. Schleppstigg Version
: April 2012
12" ep and electronic release plus FREE digital bonus tracks

a/ Labelside Bliss 
a2/ Gone
b1/ Textside Bliss (Schleppstigg Version)

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Coss - Bliss retouch
Coss - Bliss (Cass Kitschkitchen Mix)


New meat on haseland´s kitchen table: 

Coss. After featuring gorgeous men like "Goldfisch und der Dulz", Thompson & Kuhl or Lars Wickinger - here comes our first real posterboy - you don´t believe? - the fifty first writing back "I want him!" get a giant poster; our autononymous autistic acitvists promise! Meanwhile they great the goddess of spring with this meandering hybrid house tracks. Deep, warm and still shady the earth awakes. Meat them again in May. Mars Saibert adds some soulful blackness in Schleppstigg´s Version. Schleppstigg releases at Areal Records, Conrad Schulze aka Coss did releases for More or Less.

Label: Haseland Magnetschallplatten

Distributed via WAS.