Haseland Magnetschallplatten
: Haseland 009  VA - Lepus
: May 2014
MC - Tape & Digital

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Lepus 1 (Site 1)
Tobias Troeger - Ion
αmob (alpha mob) - aint no best
Llyphon + terrorrythmus - golden dozer
Shrubbn - Echo7/1
Mathias Schaffhäuser - Snake Tongue In Aspic, Part 2
Cass. - Solar Flares

Lepus 2 (Site 2)
thee mighty king kerosene - drone #101 (Dara’s Drone)
Opifea - 3M4
vaage, wasserfall & sjögren - arp
H. Gudjonsson - Just let me sink
FedUpFaction - themute


Haseland Magnetschallplatten discovers new paths by bringing a limited cassette release on the way. There will, of course, also be a digital release for everybody without a cassette-player. Also the last two releases from Coss and Anders Wasserfall have shown that Haseland Magnetschallplatten definitely takes a step back from the functionality and four-to-the-floor music into a rather avantgardistic area with focus on intensity and atmospheric deepness.

Lepus (lat. for rabbit) convinces its audience with master- pieces from the likes of Mathias Schaffhäuser, Shrubbn (aka T.Raumschmiere and Ulli Bomans) or Deo & zman with their project amob, among others.

The cassette compilation unites rough bassrollers and Dubs (Shrubbn) with hypnotic electronica (Opifea) and roaring drones, as well as full-blooded melancholia (H. Godjonson) and bassmusic (Llyphon + Terrorrythmus). Far off arbitrariness it has been put pedantic emphasis on the synergy of the tracks and their atmospheres. Consciously evaluating the dissent from Lepus to former Haseland releases, the guys feel inspired by labels which confuse with the diversity of their releases and might even unsettle their audience but actually do delight with this very diversity of the release-structure. On this path of thril- ling confusion sees Haseland Magnetschallplatten itself and, though, taking one or two steps away from the dancefloor into the deepness of distraction.

Mastering by Raphael Reuter

Distributed by ALIVE & Word and Sound
© 2014 Haseland Magnetschallplatten / eleganz Records